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Furniture Touch-Up

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Dresser before restoration dresser restored furniture refisnishing in your office or home

Over 25 years of making furniture look beautiful; neatly, affordably, without the hassle of bringing them to a shop or paying for pick-up or delivery.

For many people, the quality of their older furniture cannot be matched by the new furniture of today. The quality materials and the craftsmanship of years past is just nearly impossible to find, and if by chance you do find new furniture that does match those standards, you will pay 2 to 4 times more than refinishing will cost.

Furniture restoration done in your home or office.





Detailed Furniture Refinishing Antique Desk Repaired

detailed furniture repair

Does Any of the Following Apply to You?
  • Your daughter spilled nail polish remover on your table?
  • Your son put a steaming hot pizza box on your kitchen table?
  • Your cat scratched the top of your piano?
  • You have water damage on the tops of your kitchen cabinets?