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Restoration done "In your home or Office."

Furniture Restoration


Nicks, scratches, water damage done neatly in your home. In home repairs and facelifts on dining tables, coffee tables, etc. Specializing in puppy, nail polish and teen agers using the furniture like jungle gyms


Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinet doors that are peeling on the top edge under your sink is my specialty. The cabinets are cleaned, touched-up around the handles and french polished to look like new again! A perfect facelift for any kitchen.

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Office Furniture


On site cleaning and touching up on desks, conference tables and reception desks is our specialty. Desk edge damages from chairs are a very common and fixable problem. Beautiful end results that are economical and convenient!



Work from home.. not a problem!

"I work from home and Alan, was quiet and clean so I could continue my conference call as if he wasn't there. Thanks again Alan!" -Carolyn B. 

Movers ruined, Alan fixed

"Our movers damaged corners of our antique bed and dining room table, thankfully Alan touched it up quickly and you would never be able to tell it happened." -Keith M.

Amazing kitchen face lift!

"Alan came into my kitchen and took years of wear away, Im so thankful it looks new again!" -Beth R. 

Conference table pizza party

"A large white mark was left after hot pizza boxes were left on the conference room table, Alan made it disappear in no time." -Jack W. 

The damage my puppy did on my new table...

"Our new family puppy chewed away corners of our table and Alan filled and blended in the color so well we cant even tell which leg it was!" -Shelley H. 

Professional, reliable, and on time..

"Alan came into my kitchen and took years of wear away, Im so thankful it looks new again!" -Beth R. 

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